10 Reasons Why friends are important

The ability to put yourself in someone else’s place is a key human characteristic, but with friends we take it to the next level.
In this article, we’ll demonstrate 10 reasons why we’d like friends .. As the human being is a social being, he obviously needs friends . But in this article, we will try to amplify the beneficial side of friendship.
Why friends are important:

1. Friends are the mirror of ourselves

People tend to choose friends who are like them. So the circle of your friends shows how you really are. Imagine you have no friends, you are a lonely person so how can someone recognize you as who you are. But when you are with a group of friends, people will understand you with the common behavior of your friends.
As an example, we can imagine a man who completely panicked over football, his life is football. But for some reason, he is unable to play football. So how can people discover his passion for football? But if he belongs to a circle which are all football concerts then certainly you will know him as a football lover.
So we can say that friends are like a mirror of ourselves. Our friends represent how we are. If you want to get a sense of who you are and how you are perceived, take a look at the business you keep.

2. Friends are the perfect companion

Loneliness is painful, especially when you live with loneliness for an extended period. This is another reason to devote time, energy and attention to finding and cultivating a circle of close friends.
As a rational creature, you must need companions. Who might be superior to companion as a buddy. It’s normal for you to feel better when your friends are there.Some of the time the most conventional things can be made uncommon, just by doing them with the perfect individuals. These rights may be what we have called friends.

3. A friend is a helping hand

The dictionary defines help as, making things easier or better for a person; to give or disturb someone in need of relief. Whenever you need something to do for you first person, you will find that they are friends. Sometimes friends are useful than any other family member. You can ask any kind of help from your friends, which can be stupid (you can’t ask a lot of things from anyone).
You don’t need a friend to do serious work for you. If a friend helps you with your little work, it will be a great pleasure because you will realize that someone is there for you.
And a good friend will never let you down. Whenever you need a hem, you will find them. They may make fun of you but they will definitely do anything for you.

4. Friends are supporters of us

A good friend will not tell you exactly what to do, but will encourage you to do what you already know in your heart. A sincere word of encouragement after failure is worth more than a day of praise after success and real friends will do it for you.
Sometimes the foremost ordinary things are often made extraordinary, just by doing them with the proper people. A friend will be there for you if you are right or wrong. Best friends also make your problems their problems, just so you don’t have to go through them alone. Friends are not someone who will solve all your problems, friends are those who will face them with you.
When nobody believes you, friends will believe you whether you say garbage or not.

5. Sometimes friends are just someone who understands you

Friends will always understand what you are going through. Suppose you meet your best friend for your monthly dinner and have a big neon smile on your face. His first question is “What’s wrong?”.
Friends will understand when you need to have fun and when it doesn’t. They will not make the situation more miserable when you are in great pain and the need to have fun with you as one thing. But again, they will laugh and make your pain go away.

6. Friends can make you more perfect

There is a term called Friendfluence . It implies the impact that companions have on our lives. What friendfluence describe childhood friendships begin your learning process, teenage friendships shape your later romantic bonds. So we can say that friends can affect our attitude or our outlook.
Sometimes friends will give you control over reality. Your closest friends will tell you that your new outfit is ridiculously garish, not others who come to you with flattery and will say good, you are beautiful.
Friends know us so well, they are able to see things we do not know, and are not afraid to share their dose of reality with you.

7. Friends are great advisers

Friends can become your advisor too. Because they know your situation better. Everyone in the world your family member, your girlfriend, only friends can see things in your outlook. So if they give advice as bad as anyone else.
Friends can also change your outlook, because only they have that kind of influence in your life.

8. Friends can make you happy

As we said earlier, the friend is an ideal companion to bring happiness in our life. Friends are the person you’re going to walk with, go on tour, play games, or whatever. It is therefore important to have friends to lead a happy life.
Friends are what make us laugh when we are in landfills. Because they are there to slap us on the back and raise a drink when we have good news.
Convincing evidence for this phenomenon comes from Ed Diener and Martin Seligman, two leading experts in the field of happiness research . When they compared the happiest people to the least happy people, they found that the first group was very social and had the strongest relationships. In fact, good social relationships were a necessity for people to feel happy.
If one of our friends is happy, we are more likely to be too. Friends mean happiness.

9. Friends are a second family

We get a family when we are born. But friends can be called the second family because this is where we belong throughout our lives.
In our childhood, we turned to family when we are stressed, but after maturity, we no longer go to family, we turn to friends when we are stressed. They have enough influence in our lives like all other family members.

10. Friends can have more friends

After reading all of this, I think we will realize the importance of having friends. So the last reason we need friends is that we need friends to have more friends.
People tend to like others who have a reputation for being kind and helpful, and they like people who like them. If you want to be the type of person who attracts new friends, these qualities will help you build your social group. Once you have more friends, you will be able to take advantage of some of these friendship benefits.