15 films for girls in which two friends ended up in love

Most of it has happened to us: we have been secretly in love with our best friend and obviously that will go with us to the grave and this is probably one of the most difficult things that can happen to us.
We understand your pain and that is why we made this list of movies that talk about a situation similar to yours. Some end up together, others don’t, but all these films portray the love of friends in a unique way.
1. If I were 30 
The girl who wants to be popular at age 13 and ignores the chubby boy, but when they are 30, things change and they live happily ever after.
2. He doesn’t like you that much
This the movie taught all the girls not to believe in fairy tales, but in the end it also ended with two friends hopelessly in love.
3. A winter on the beach
Samantha is a daring girl; until she meets Louis, a boy who attends the same university and whom she sees only as a friend. She has a very bad concept of love due to her parents’ divorce, she does not seek anything serious with anyone and she only hopes to enjoy life, until she falls in love with her best friend.
4. Just friends 
Ryan Reynolds is a fat boy frienzoneado by his best friend. After several years and attempts, his friend falls in love with him and they get to have a relationship.
5. Maybe it’s forever
Childhood friends who eventually separate but meet again and love arises between them.
6. Friends with rights
Emma was 14 years old when she rejected her friend Adam’s constant advances to be dating. Years later, they reunited and this couple ended up uniting their lives.
7. A girl in distress
Viola is a girl who, in the absence of her twin brother Sebastian, decides to dress like him to take her place at school and thus belong to the soccer team. Everything seems to be going well, until he falls in love with his roommate Duke to whom he obviously cannot reveal his true identity.
8.  The object of my affection 
After leaving her husband and father with her son, Nina falls in love with her great friend George. The problem is that he is homosexual and as much as he loves Nina, he will always be a friend and nothing more.
9. Spider man
Peter Parker falls in love again with the smartest girl at school and of course his best friend Gwen Stacy, luckily they both feel the same and have a relationship, until one of their enemies causes Gwen’s death.
10. Just friends
A boy and a girl know each other but she has a boyfriend. Both try to deny their feelings although in the end it is impossible.
11. My best friend’s wedding
Julianne (Julia Roberts) realizes that she is in love with her best friend and does her best because her wedding with the tender Kimmy does not take place, unfortunately he does not feel the same and considers her his friend until the end of the tape .
12. Reality bites
Troy and Leilana’s relationship of roomies , friendship and platonic love will inspire you to tell your friend how you feel.
13. Very much like love
Oliver and Emily are opposite poles, she loves freedom and he loves stability. Their lives separate but seven years later they will continue to meet in different places and situations. A story where both must fight to discover if they really love each other.
14. Virgin at 40 
Andy Stitzer has a beautiful life, with a good job … His only problem is that he is a 40-year-old virgin and has fallen in love with his friend, a woman who does not want to have sex in relationships.
15. Forrest Gump 
When Forrest gets on the school bus he meets Jenny, a girl who immediately captures his attention. Jenny not only saved him from marginalization in his childhood, but also gave him security and considerably influenced his behavior and personality, making him his best love experience.