Can best friends date?

He / she is always there for you. An attentive ear when you are not feeling good, a soothing smile, no judgment. You share everything except your miasma: it’s time for a change. Have a drink, get naked and eat, damn it! It will suit everyone and it will allow you to live a long and happy life. You will thank us later.
1. He / she is aware of your faults
No need to hide this alcoholism or this secret passion for herbaria from him: he / she is aware of it. He / she is aware of everything and it is with full knowledge of the facts that he / she decided to couple with you. You are therefore armored from armored and can dispense with all the discomfort phase prior to a lasting relationship.
2. There will be no problem seeing your friends
Since you have the same. No peril of “goodness gracious, don’t invite someone, it makes me crap” or “Lord have mercy on us, I would lean toward not to go to your allies dinner, please extraordinary night farewell”.spared.
3. You cannot separate at the risk of losing a best friend in addition to a spouse
The security of a relationship is still the most cherished thing in life, because being dumped is unpleasant and it takes a long time to recover. For a secure relationship, choose your best friend.
4. A priori, you are not likely to get bored on shit issues
Politics, social organization, family model and relation to the party: a priori, except for major upheavals, you share the same views on the world, without which your friendship would have been consolidated on strange bases. That’s good, it will avoid swaying around nameless shit when it comes to talking about your sexual problems.
5. You know him / her well, it’s handy for making kids
Because kids shouldn’t be made with just anyone; must check family history and maximize genetic compatibility, so as not to end up with ugly and neurotic things that vote for Chasse Pêche et Tradition, at the risk of loving them less.
6. Your friends will be happy
Nothing is celebrated more in a group of friends than the incestuous sex inside the group. Grivish looks and elbow pushings; not to mention that it will avoid having to present your guy or your girl to your friends and be afraid of their judgment.
7. It will prevent your other friend from going out with him / her and make you jealous
Compared to the fact that going out with his or her friend is cool, but that going out with his or her friend who cheats on you or your friend is cool and above all it creates lots of stories that we would have well gone, especially when you are terminally ill or you have temporary gastric problems but all the same.
8. Because he / she will be there, always for you 
Anywhere when you want, he / she will always be the same, a little bohemian, Ready to splurge, he / she will be, even if life separates you, the one who will give you hope, We will leave nothing to chance, Because you know that he / she will remain your best friend. Thanks Lorie.
9. You have already farted before her / him so you are ready to have fulfilling sex
Let us avoid any form of embarrassment by privileging the lived.
10. A priori, the joke “pulls on my finger” does not disgust him / her
Otherwise, your friendship would have been broken for a long time Stéphane by your irreconcilable differences, since you are your favorite valve. Which suggests that you are 8 years old, but that’s okay, there is no age to love yourself with true love.
11. Because love is friendship with sex
See what I mean? Huh, huh, yeah, because you see, it’s stronger when we love each other with a dual love, you see, it’s strong, yeah, yeah, huh, you see? YOU SEE ?
12. Because your parents already know him / her
So, no annoying presentations, no insidious questions about the person you are bringing back, no discomfort at Christmas and no suspicion of drug use with a junkie.
13. Because sex is the continuity of friendship by other means
Yeah, that’s a technique I’ve tried, which is to take a known quote and change stuff in it to make it sound like something smart is said.
14. Because he / she can help you hide a body and since you live together, it’s practical
We know, eh, that it is best friends that we ask for help when we murder someone. So, logically, if you kill someone, you’ll be happy to have someone at home ready to play the knife and the washing machine to save you 30 years of criminal imprisonment. Smart.
15. It will put an end to a sexual tension that has lasted for 15 years
Or at least since you know each other. So maybe less than 15 years. But admit that it is exhausting, this permanent tension in all your actions. Let yourself go, shit, throw your cap over the mills and the panties and underpants at the same time and gently fuck in the hay, it will relax everyone.