How to Know Who Your Best Friends Are

Part 1 Assessing Time Spent With Your Friends

Assessing Time Spent With Your Friends

1- Ask yourself who solicits your company the most. A true friend wants to spend time with you. Best friends plan joint activities and experiences to live together. They are also the people you most often suggest doing things in common!

2- Determine with whom you spend the most time. Best friends make an effort to spend time with you. Your best friends are there for all the important events in your life, be it your wedding or a funeral. They are also there for smaller events, such as birthdays or sporting events. You also spend time together just like that, for no particular reason.

3- Ask yourself why you spend time with your friends. Best friends spend time together because they genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Best friends are there all year round, not just during the school year or the sports season. Your best friends also don’t just spend time with you when it’s helpful or to use your pool.

Part 2 Know How Your Friends Communicate

Know How Your Friends Communicate

1- Ask yourself which of your friends can best listen to you. Best friends listen carefully. When you speak, a real friend should listen to you without checking their phone every 5 minutes.

2- Observe if your friends only speak about themselves. The best friends want to know the difficulties that the other meets, his fears and also his dreams. A friend who always brings the conversation back to him is not a true friend. A friend who never asks how you are does not really want to know you. 

If you or your friend had a bad day, it’s okay for one person to speak more than the other for a while.

3- Evaluate the reaction time of your friends. True friends respond to text messages. They return your calls. They pick up the phone, even when you call them early in the morning. Friends who don’t respond or only when they want to are not very reliable. If they don’t pick up the phone in the middle of the night, though, it’s probably just that they need sleep.


Part 3 Finding Out If Your Friends Are Loyal

Finding Out If Your Friends Are Loyal

1- Ask yourself if your friends are able to keep a secret. When you tell a friend a secret, they don’t have to tell the first person they meet. The relationships you have with your friends must be built on trust and respect. They don’t spread rumors about you, they silence them!

2- Determine which of your friends insure your back. True friends support each other regardless of the circumstances. A friend will defend you in your absence, will not spread rumor about you and will not join in mockery or gossip about you.

3- Evaluate the ability of your friends to forgive. Everyone makes mistakes, even best friends. True friends do not harbor grudges and do not sulk. On the contrary, they encourage communication and explain how they were upset. They talk, they don’t cry. They apologize when they make mistakes and end up forgiving themselves after an argument.


Part 4 Find Out If Your Friends Can Support You

Find Out If Your Friends Can Support You

1- Ask yourself if your friends are really happy for you. When you achieve something, your friends should be the first to congratulate you. Best friends don’t feel they are in competition, they support each other. A jealous friend is not a true friend.

2- Evaluate their ability to encourage you. True friends are able to give you confidence before a professional exam or interview. They are encouraging and positive rather than shooting you down with criticism. True friends do not belittle each other.

3- Recognize the friends who exert a good influence. True friends encourage good behavior. Your best friend should get you to make the right decisions for you because he cares about your health, well-being, and safety. Friends who embarrass you or put you in an awkward position do not really care about your own interests.


Part 5 Drawing conclusions about friendship

Drawing conclusions abour friendship

1- Think about the result of your analysis. Take the time to think about your answers to the previous questions. Spend a few hours writing your thoughts or go for a long walk.

2- Talk to your best friends. After taking the time to think about the matter, speak with your best friends. Let them know how much you appreciate them. Write them a card, invite them to dinner or bake them a cake!

3- Continue to maintain your friendly relationships. Now that you have identified your true friends, develop your relationships with them. Spend time together, make the effort to be present at important events as in everyday life. Never take your best friends for granted and maintain communication.


Advice about Friendship

Find best authentic friends who are true to themselves.

True friends don’t take advantage of each other. If someone asks you to do something you don’t want to do, don’t do it. In this kind of situation, your instinct is your best ally. A true friend cares about how you feel and doesn’t force you to turn your back on your values.

Friendly relationships are not a one-way street. Don’t be the only one to call for news or to go out.

Communication is central.

A true friend would never intentionally hurt you.

Choose your best friend carefully. Some friends may have a bad influence. Choose to spend your time with people who have good influence. It’s the best way to find out who your friends really are.

The person with whom you get along best and with whom you share the most is certainly your best friend.

A true friend won’t hold it against you if you haven’t talked to them for a while. Apologize anyway, because everyone has their own sensitivity.

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