is it okay to kiss your best friend?

You live with your best friend so much that many times that can cross the friendship line sometimes, but what happens if the two of you kiss? Kisses can be normal when two people are attracted to each other, however if you and he have, you probably don’t know what happened or what that means.
These situations occur because one of you has a stronger feeling or because you are only looking for physical contact.
Regardless of the reason why you have kissed, it is necessary to be clear about your feelings and to know whether to continue the relationship of friends or definitely know that something will change between you. If you are not clear, here are some of the things that could happen if you and your best friend kiss:
  • They could lose a true friendship by breaking an established code of two best friends.
  •  Enter a vicious circle and establish a relationship of ‘Friends with the right’ which does not have any kind of commitment, but the truth is that it will affect you more than being with any other boy.
  • Let one of you know that it didn’t mean anything, but the other person included your feelings, if so one of you probably has to suffer in silence.
  • They are so mature that they have a peaceful conversation in which they clarify the reason and they know that it was probably due to a circumstantial error.
  • They may not have realized it, but their friendship is so strong and the affection they feel has surpassed the friendship they have and they have inadvertently fallen in love. Let’s remember that love is formed when you start to live more with a person and share your sadness, joys, madness and confidences. A kiss has been the action to realize what they really feel.
  • It serves to define what you really want, a tip is not to become the friend who pleases him in everything. Unless your friend confesses her love to you and you feel the same.
As we know, friendships are not perfect, they come with fights, laughter, crying and secrets, so you should always take into account your emotions like someone else’s so as not to confuse or have to end the friendship.

Is it normal to kiis your best friend on the mouth?

This is a question that many men and women ask themselves, especially if after a long time of friendship, they have given themselves the opportunity to kiss, wait … Friends do they kiss on the mouth or on the cheek?
Although the song by Yuridia was very fashionable, where she refers that friends do not kiss on the mouth, but even knowing, it happened.

What would be the consequences of kiss your best friend?

It may happen that both really felt something but did not want to cross the line because they respected the friendship that united them. If there is a common life, they write, they tell each other, it is obvious that there is a connection that can awaken a kiss between the two of you.

My best friends kiss

If your friend out of nowhere kissed you, and you felt nothing, on the contrary you were offended by the action, it is because you are surely feeling something that you think is not right and you resist, but if you are a mature person you know that kiss It was logical that if your friend spends many hours with you, every day, then just talk to him and explain that you do not feel love on your part, but friend’s affection.

Why do best friends kiss?

If they kissed at a party, where the pretext was alcohol, and they both connected in that kiss, there is no other answer to this, more than they both wanted and they fell in love, but they are no longer friends, now they are something else What friends. It’s all in what they felt when they kissed.

True best friends kiss

When they are true friends, they do not kiss, that never happens, because they are clear that they are there to support each other, to tell each other things that nobody tells them, always respecting the personal life of the friend.

The confusion of a best friend kiss

If for some reason they kissed, but both agree that it was an impulse, and nothing else, it is better to clear up immediately, blur and new account and as friends as ever.

If your best friend kiss and kiss

If the kisses are repeated, then there is no friendship between you, there is attraction, love or just passion, that will depend on each couple. But friends are no longer, they have crossed the line of friendship alone.